betbtc Review



Sports betting exchange websites are a great match for the Bitcoin currency, especially for those that have issues verifying ID’s and prove for address and other crazy processes they come up with, especially if you try to withdraw your money (funny how you can deposit on these sites instantly without any questions don’t you think)? With BetBTC sport exchanges they offer you the chance to bet or lay your selections from a wide-range of selected markets. These markets include European football, UK and Ireland horse racing and many more different sport books.


When you are on the lookout for a bitcoin site like betfair, one of the most important factors has to be the market liquidity. Since BetBTC have been in operation for a good few years now, the liquidity is on the increase and once people start to get wind of the site and its really low commission rates, compared to other sport exchanges, people will surely start to use the site and increase the much needed market juice. At the moment, you should be able to match at least a bitcoin ($650) at the time of writing, on most major sports events.

Website and Platform


As mentioned earlier, you have the chance to play on the bitcoin sports exchange without a sign up, basically placing your bets completely anonymously. If this is the way you like to play, then please make sure that you don’t clear the cache and cookies after playing, as it will lose your account and you will need to contact their support to gain access again. We went through this on the bitcoin dice sites, and we can tell you it isn’t much fun! We advise entering your email and a password, maybe two step verification to give your account some added security.


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Deposits and withdrawals


normally instant, although there has been the odd occasion that we needed to wait a few hours before our withdrawals reached our bitcoin wallet. The site states that withdrawals can take up to 24 hours, but we have never had to wait this long, and even if we did, it is still better than the 3-10 days on other betting exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq. Once the withdrawal has been processed by BetBTC, there need to be 1 blockchain confirmation before the Bitcoin reach you wallet. This is no big deal and should take around 10 minutes to complete.



The interface on BetBTC is similar to Betfair, whereas the betting section is colored differently to the laying section. The site is really fast and responsive, you should experience any site lagging. The markets are really easy to navigate as you have the sports on the left hand side of the screen, simply select the sport and a dropdown box opens with the games for that particular sport. Select your game and bet or lay your selection. Simple as that. We do have a little bug bear about BetBTC, and that is the market seems to go from live around 40 mins of the market start time, if the market is no longer live, it is basically impossible to place any bet on the game. We advise getting there about an hour early to ensure you get your wagers on.

Our Conclusion


Bitcoin betting exchanges are tailor made for Bitcoins, once people start learning of their existence, we think they could be become big enough to match the biggest sports exchanges, time will tell I suppose. If you have already ventured into the bitcoin world and you fancy yourself as a good judge in sports, jump over to BetBTC and earn yourself some extra coins!