Betmoose Review



Betmoose is a bitcoin sportsbook site with a difference. You see that on Betmoose, you can literally bet on almost anything. Whether it is who will win the US presidential election or Whether Bitcoin will hit a certain amount within a certain month, Betmoose Bitcoin gambling site has everything. It is a peer to peer gambling site, this means that people bet against each other, normally with yes or no outcomes. Will Donald Trump be US President in 2017 or will there be Alien Disclosure within 1 year are just 2 different bitcoin betting opportunities on this great site.

Deposits and Withdrawals


Deposits and withdrawals are really easy on Betmoose. Simply add bitcoins through the anonymous wallet, place your bets and if the outcome matches your selection, then the bitcoins are released to you after the event is finished.

Betmoose bitcoin games


As mentioned earlier, the bitcoin betting outcomes range from the wonderful to the bizarre. If you can even create your own gambling book and people can place wagers on the outcome. Normally the games or historical, what this means is there is a date the bet will be settled, so let's say the question is “Will Bitcoin reach $1,000 by December 2016” there will be a timer on this particular bet, and the date for the bet being settled will be 1st Jan 2017. Obviously, if you win, the bitcoins will be released to your wallet on settlement date.

Betmoose software


The betmoose software is really simplistic and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There isn’t anything confusing on the site, if you are a complete beginner, this site is for you. Mostly, you will select between yes and no answers, add the amount you would like to bet, and place. It’s as simple as that really.


What do we think?


Betmoose is not really a sportsbook site although it works on the same principles. If you are looking for some fun bets or even out of this world betting, then Betmoose could be exactly what you are looking for. We was really surprised at the amount of liquidation, as some markets have over 50 bitcoins wagered on them, so obviously, it is more than just a novelty site.