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What is Bitcoin betting exchange?

A betting exchange or also know as a sportsbook exchange allows gamblers or layers to bet against one and another rather than against a traditional bookmaker. This differences between the normal betting shops and bookmakers is the betting exchanges allows the user to act as the bookie individually (by selecting the odds for a sports event) and the backer  bets using the odds set by the other user also known as the layer.


Traditional bookmakers go head-to-head in various bets with punters, but the gambling exchanges do not involve any risk to the exchange site, they simply pair together the layer and backer, hold the money that has been wagered and payout the winner and the site takes out a small percentage of the winnings.


When betting exchanges started operating it opened up a huge range of gambling options for punters, as people are willing to place back bets that  bookmakers would not. The technology of the betting exchanges allows users and gamblers the instant ability to discover the people and markets they are looking to place their bets on.


Other differences from regular bitcoin sportsbooks is the fact you can place bets on things to lose. As long as someone is willing to bet the particular event in favour of the win, then you can take their bet, if it loses, then you take there money or bitcoins in our situation.  Other things to keep in mind if you are looking to lay or back something to lose is the price or odds. Normally, if you are placing a bet to lose, the odds are stacked in your favour, therefore, your liability is much higher.

Bitcoin betting exchanges - Bitcoin betting exchanges have only been around for a few years, but we expect it grow, and grow massively over the next few years, once people are aware that they can bet or lay in any country, without any of the headaches signing up with proof of this and proof of that. You simple place your bets, and if you win, you can withdraw your bitcoins within the hour to your bitcoin wallet. At the moment market liquidation is quite low, especially compared to the big betting exchanges such as Betfair or Betdaq, but it is growing each passing month and it is expected that bitcoin betting exchanges will be competing with the big boys in the coming years.


There are few bitcoin betting exchanges at the moment, one being Fairlay and the other being BetBTC, we have decided to add BetBTC as we believe they have, not only the best setup, but the best liquidity on the sportsbook markets. If you are unfairly restricted by your country regulations, fear not, Bitcoin betting exchanges are totally anonymous, therefore, you and bet or lay wherever, whenever you feel.