Crypto games Review



Crypto-Games offers a wide-range of bitcoin gaming that includes bitcoin dice, slots and a roulette and blackjack platform. The option to invest your hard earned in the house bankroll is available for any currency of your choice. Crypto-Games is another site will provably fair installed (and it has to be for us to entertain them for a review), and the house-edge for the bitcoin dice is an incredible 0.8%. Bitcoin dice gaming on the site provides a huge range of betting opportunities from playing different dice ranges to auto-play feature. Although Crypto-Games has other gaming options, we feel it is designed for bitcoin dice primarily.

Crypto-Games interface


Navigation on the site is straightforward enough and there is a chat feature to discuss all things bitcoin gaming to talk to other players. Just remember to tone down the language as you can be banned for profanity and other unnecessary things.


There is an option to view your personal statistics as well as global statistics which is a great feature not found on other dice sites. You can also view statistics on the top players including most wagered, most bids, most tips, most chat messages and so on. The Bitcoin dice section is one of the fastest platforms out there. No lagging whatsoever.


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Deposits, withdraws and sign ups


Crypto-Games allows players to be entirely anonymous by using an unique ID that is created in the cache of your browser. This can cause risk to your bitcoins (if you clear the cache and cookies of your browser) as you won’t be able to sign back into your account and we learned the hard way!! We advise you to sign up with a valid email ID and a secure password, not only will it help secure your account, but you will also receive generous bonus offers from time to time.


Deposits and withdrawals are lightening fast. We managed to hit a huge jackpot of the site (Slots) and we was paid instantly, without any management verification and the rest of the hassle that comes along when you win big. A brilliant site that takes away all the headaches you can encounter when signing-up and withdrawing. Their casino is run with provably fair and if you want to read why this is a breakthrough technology, that simply put, gives you a much fairer chance of winning big, then please click here. The site offers deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Game Credits, Gridcoin, Litecoin and Peercoin.

Crypto-Games Bonuses


While Crypto-Games doesn’t offer any first deposit or reloading bonus, there do offer a faucet that will add 0.00001BTC into your account every 3 minutes while you are playing on their site. They also offer a wide-range of jackpots on their bitcoin slots, and should you be lucky enough to bag one (as we did) the withdraw process is incredibly easy and should be in your bitcoin wallet literally within 30 mins!


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Crypto-Games isn’t one of the fancy bitcoin casinos with thousands of games, it's bread and butter is the integration of the site. You win, you get paid, it's as simple as that. The bitcoin dice section is silky smooth with no lags whatsoever, probably the most responsive we have ever played on. Everything can be automated if you want to play a system and with the house-edge an incredible 0.8%, the odds on you winning far outweigh other sites where the house-edge can be up to 25%! A lovely, honest site that you will grow to love, especially if bitcoin dice is your thing.