Best bitcoin gambling guide

 Bitcoin Betting and Gambling

Well, anyone who has used digital currency, will be well aware that bitcoins are the future and now bitcoins can be used throughout various gambling websites especially designed for bitcoins and other digital currencies. Bitcoin betting has definitely hit the markets and it's only going to get bigger, much bigger!

You see, when you are using bitcoins to gamble with, there are many significant advantages that the player has than when using normal currencies. We are going into these advantages below. The first thing to bear in mind is the anonymity. When you are gambling with bitcoins there is almost total anonymity as all the online sports betting, casinos or poker sites, players are not permitted to store any personal information to play, deposit or withdraw. There are so many benefits for this, whether it be some kind of law in a player's location or maybe a professional punter has been banned from sportsbook site for winning! For all intents and purposes, bitcoin gambling is the only way to gamble anonymously online. Since the new bitcoin casinos, poker sites and bitcoin sportsbooks are not linked to any government entity or central bank, Bitcoin addresses are left totally anonymous.

Once you start Bitcoin gambling and things become anonymous, this opens up an array of benefits to the players. You see there isn’t any red tape or jurisdictions with payment processing deposits or withdrawals, therefore, the online sites can offer you bigger bonuses, bigger winning percentages, and ultimately bigger winnings. Other important factors, Bitcoin casinos have to “play fair” with the integrated “provably fair” software. What does “Provably Fair” mean I hear you ask? Well the most reputable gambling bitcoin sites have the built-in tool that makes it possible for users to make sure that the outcome of the games and slots is always completely random and these cannot be interfered with by the house casino or players. We have reviewed only the best reputable bitcoin gambling sites with the Provably Fair software installed and 100% licensed.

Bitcoin gambling sites generally just ask for a username and password so that you can transfer your Bitcoins onto the site. Names, addresses or emails are very rare on Bitcoin gambling sites. In most cases, you might be asked for an email to retrieve a forgotten password. Most Bitcoin Casinos and Sportsbooks don’t need either an username or password to play. Punters use their Bitcoin wallet to either transfer funds to their account (normally casinos and poker sites)  or send Bitcoins from their wallet to a certain address to place a bet on the football or horse racing. If you bet wins, the winnings are send back to your wallet after the bet is settled, instantly. Three to seven day withdrawals are a thing of the past with Bitcoin gambling.

The best with gambling with Bitcoins might be the fact that you can remain anonymous, if you decide to. The bottom line is it is your own hard earned money, and how you decide to spent it is nobody’s business apart from yours! Bitcoin allows you to do whatever you like with your money without any government peeping over your shoulders! Bitcoin offers the user true freedom, and that can only be a good thing. We are going to review the best Bitcoin Casinos, poker sites and sportsbooks for you, so you don’t need to worry if the site is reputable as we will have you covered!