Nitrogen Sportsbook Review



Nitrogen Bitcoin Sportsbook has taken Bitcoin gambling to the next level with its extensive coverage of all kinds of sporting events. Nitrogen started to operate back in late 2012 and now has established themselves as perhaps the biggest Cryptocurrency betting service.

Nitrogen deposits and withdrawals


As with most bitcoin sportsbooks, all deposits and withdrawals are instant and everything is anonymous. You have the option to enter an email address if you would like to see an update of your bets, but this is optional. You have the option the remain completely anonymous if you wish by creating a random account. You simply send some bitcoins to your account, and if you win, just send the other direction - back to your wallet. Deposit amounts less than 1 Bitcoin need one confirmation from the Blockchain; 1 bitcoin to 10 bitcoins require two confirmations from the blockchain; 10 bitcoins to 50 bitcoins need four confirmations and amounts exceeding 50 bitcoins require six confirmations.

Nitrogen Bonuses


Nitrogen Sports do not offer any deposit promotions at this time, however, they do have a great “Parley Jackpot” scheme. This is how it works: The Parlay Jackpot is a prize pool which they award a number incentives to various members every month. There have three prize pools. The top seven players in each pool (21 total) with the highest parlay winnings win a share of that prize.


What are the prize pools?

Heavyweight - Unlimited maximum wager - Winners take 60% of the awarded jackpot. Middleweight - Maximum 0.1 BTC wager - Winners take 30% of the awarded jackpot. Featherweight - Maximum 0.01 BTC wager - Winners take 10% of the awarded jackpot.


80% of the total jackpot will be awarded at the end of each month as per the leaderboard. 20% of the jackpot will be used to seed the next month's jackpot. There are many other combinations for this bonus, but you will be better checking out their site for these. Basically, a parley is a combination bet or an accumulator to us from the UK. The higher the winning about of bets the higher you will be on the leaderboard.

Nitrogen Software


Nitrogen Sportsbook have a great look. The software is browser based and is always free flowing and extremely easy to navigate. Nitrogen offer both Casino and Poker to its users, but we think both are in really early stages, so we will take a look at reviewing them when they are more established in those areas. The site is extremely secure, as they have all the latest technology to protect your bitcoins while you are on their site as well as offering 2 step verification is you decide to sign up rather than be totally anonymous.

Nitrogen Sportsbook Games


Nitrogen offer lots of bitcoin gambling opportunities through its sportsbook pages. They range from, American Football, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Chess, Handball, Rugby and Volleyball. They also offer various types of special bets such as the winner of the World Poker Tour. If you miss the start of the game, not to worry as Nitrogen offer in-play betting on various sports games.

Nitrogen Support


Nitrogen offer a fantastic support portal. You can either log a ticket and be contacted very quickly via email or reach out to the live chat support team. Both channels are fast and informative.



We think Nitrogen bitcoin sportsbook is a great place to place your wagers. Instant payouts with a wide range of books and a great little added bonus of the leaderboard jackpot table. The support is fantastic if you ever run into any difficulties with anything. We think they are one of the front runners when it comes to bitcoin sports betting.