Provably Fair

What is Provably Fair and why is it so important?


Provably Fair gambling is a technology that is unique only to Bitcoin casinos that makes it impossible, whether it's the casino or player to cheat. Suspicious activity can be checked with a Bitcoin cryptographic hash function, proving the results are indeed calculated fairly. This type of probability does not exist with land-based or traditional online casinos, making Bitcoin gambling, not only safer but much more fair.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino Gambling


Not all Bitcoin Casinos have Provably Fair gambling. A lot of casinos either want to have a large house percentage to easily take your hard earned bitcoins, or just haven’t got round to it yet. Either way, our top priority is honesty and any bitcoin casino you see on our site is guaranteed to have the software installed.


How does it make things fair?


Provably Fair generated systems work based on cryptographic hash functions. All data is converted into a hash string title, that can be verified with an algorithm. If there was any fraudulent activity in any game or an error in a payout, the hash will identify and will not generate. Any player can check the result of any bitcoin casino bet you have placed ensuring complete transparency and above board. Each bitcoin casino game has a different algorithm for calculating the results.

Provably Fair - Bitcoin Roulette


A random computer generator is used for all wheel spins. The generator creates a list of tiles for each number on the roulette wheel, then a random number location on the wheel is created for the ball to fall in. The best Bitcoin casinos have a generator called the “Mersenne Twister”. The blueprint of the spin and the number generated (the secret) is called the “Hash”. The hash is both blueprint and the secret combined, and creates a footprint for that particular game/spin. The unique “footprint” is created by spinning the data Algorithm, ensuring that wheel spin is completely random and the “secret” can be used to check the result afterwards whenever you wish. Most bitcoin casinos there is normally a popup window where the player can check if the roulette wheel spin matches the Algorithm footprint.


Provably Fair - Bitcoin Card Games


Bitcoin card game dealing works on a similar principle to roulette, in the fact they both use secrets and hashes. The secret is the number that is generated by the server. This number is then used for the hash. Then card shuffling generator uses a method called “Fishers Yate’s Shuffle” it is very much like the national lottery generator. The generator the well renowned for being the best in the Gambling industry. The data Algorithm for checking the data is the same as previously mentioned on the roulette part.

Provably Fair - Bitcoin Slot Machines


Online bitcoin Slot machines have been found to payout on average up to 25% more than landing based casinos. The reason for this is simple - every reel spin is completely random, with no house edge. The provably fair system works in exactly the same way stated above - by creating Footprints via the result and secret (hash). Like all provable fair games, these can be checked to ensure you are getting a fair crack of the whip at all times!