Safedice Review



Safe Dice is one of the best provably fair bitcoin dice sites to hit the internet. Safe dice gives its players a fantastic edge - one of the best, if not the best, compared to any other bitcoin dice site. At an incredible 0.5% house edge, safedice is not only provably fair, but morally fair. The site design is really easy to navigate and really simple to use. If you are on the lookout for a bitcoin dice site, then you will not find a fairer house edge anywhere on the web.

Safedice Variable House Edge


Before we take a more in depth look into the site, it is crucial that we advise you on what the variable house edge means. The site developers have engineered an incredibly low house edge for players and gamers alike, which also gives you a higher winning margin. If any gamer chooses to bet an amount that would payout more than 0.27% of the house bankroll, the variable house edge is triggered, this means the house edge only rises to 1% if 0.27% of safedice house edge is risked. To trigger such a variable house edge, we are guessing the amount wagered would be very large, so most bettors will stay at 0.5% house edge. If you a big player, even at 1% house edge, Safedice’s variable house edge better than most online bitcoin dice sites.

Sign up, deposits and withdrawals


The sign-up registration is really simple, simply choose a username and you are ready to play. There is no need to enter an email address or password, although for added security, we advise you to do so, as you can add 2 step verification afterwards to lockdown your account from any potential hackers. Of course, can can remain completely anonymous if you choose to be so. The deposits and withdrawals are both instantaneous, and once the funds are received on the safedice site or your bitcoin wallet, there will be 1 blockchain verification before the funds are released (normally this process take a maximum of 5 minutes).


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Safedice interface and gameplay


The design of the site is really clean and easy to operate. SafeDice has  three different site languages, you can choose between English, Chinese and Russian. If for any reason you want to change the language, just click the language button on the top right of the site and it will automatically change over. Your account information can easily be obtained by clicking your username in the upper top right of the homepage and the site statistics are easily accessible and transparent and displayed at the top of your screen.


Betting on the bitcoin dice outcome is really easy. You can bet on whether the dice will roll higher or lower than the number you select. You also have the option to roll out a maximum of 1000 bets on auto roll, giving you the option to sit back and watch the bitcoins roll in. Players can also set up “hotkeys” to keep track of wins or losses. Hotkeys store all your playing data to ensure everything you would need is at your fingertips.



Safebet have probably the best bitcoin dice bonuses on the net. They offer you every hour 0.01mBTC bitcoins to try your luck (if you balance goes below the minimum playing stakes. If you are a new player, then you can use this bonus once every hour, however, if you are a deposing player, you have the feature every 10 minutes. The is also an additional card feature, simply select your bonus card, and you will receive an additional bonus.



The provably fair bitcoin dice site Safedice, has been designed with a minimalistic outlay, making it extremely easy to play, some sites over complicate things and make it confusing, especially for the new players, Safedice, has it spot on in our opinion. With the lowest house edge on the internet and with provably fair installed, you will be hard pressed to find a better bitcoin dice site anywhere, period! Playing, depositing and withdrawing is completely stress free. We place this great provably fair bitcoin dice site at the top of our tree.